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Smart homeowners in the neighborhood of Leonardville, CA;Bay Farm Island, CA;Columbia Gardens, CA;Melrose, CA;Harrington, CA; come to Kenny Rhett Handyman if they are in need of the services of an affordable handyman. We have not only earned their trust. But we have also gained the respect of our fellow professional handyman. If you are wondering how we managed this, you should pay close attention to what we say.

Professional and Affordable Handyman Service in Alameda, CA

Electrical Repair

As one of the leaders of the handyman repair service in Alameda, CA, we understand the perils of a neglected electrical problem. With this in mind, we would ask you to turn off the power. This will lessen the chances of electrocution. Once the power is off, we can safely remove the plastic cover of the outlet. We would also remove the screws that are holding the outlet in place. One of the most critical steps in this job is to test the receptacle with a circuit breaker. This extra precautionary measure has earned us the patronage of smart homeowners and entrepreneurs in Alameda, CA.

Dependable and Affordable Handyman Service in Alameda, CA

We can now move on to the disconnection of the wires. We would do this by unscrewing the screws that are holding the wires. We would gingerly pull these wires away from the outlet. We would separate the wires that enter the outlet. We would test our work by turning the power back on and use the circuit breaker. Once we are satisfied with how the wiring is placed, we would again turn the power off. With the use of needle-nose pliers, we would bend the wires into hooks. But if we have noticed that there are damages, we would remove half an inch of the wire before bending it into shape.

Plumbing Repair

We also offer this as part of our home repair service because we understand that if pipe issues are ignored, they can turn into an expensive headache. If we will be working on a water supply line, we would be using a copper pipe and fittings replacement, flux, and solder. Once the water has been shut, we can use the tubing cutter to remove the damaged area. We can now start our work on replacing the damaged pipe.

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